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BeFree broke the Solarize CT record, TWICE!

“Our 300 year old house gets lots of sunlight, and combining it’s antiqueness with the best technology is exciting. We now can continue into the next 50 years being self sustainable! Our monthly payment is less and we had the system installed with no money up front, we don’t know why everyone isn’t a part of this program!”

“We’re thrilled and was looking forward to this for awhile! Helping the environment is very important to our family, we have done all we can to reduce and become a green home. We installed with $0 out of pocket, and our bills are lower! What a step in the right direction for everyone to be a part of!”

“Two factors for switching to solar energy are the timing, I qualified for the lease program so BeFree walked me through the process and it was easy! I’m going to save $34,000 over the next 30 years. International turmoil over resources is the other factor, and it makes me feel good i’m doing my part to fix the problem! Everyone should GO SOLAR NOW!”

“I put a new roof on so I combined efforts with going solar, and started making large amounts of electricity without consuming fossil fuels. BeFree was very professional and made the process seamless. From an economic standpoint, its exciting to monitor my production and compare, getting my savings in real time! You trust your doctor, lawyer, and minister, you also have to trust your solar installer. I am confident in BeFree’s workmanship.”

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