Like many of your neighbors you’re probably frustrated by frequent and unexpected energy rate hikes by your utility company. 

WHAT IF  you could get a fixed rate electricity for the next 20 years?

WHAT IF you could buy gasoline at todays prices for the next 20 years?

Would you sign on the dotted line?   Of Course you would!

This is what we call the Solar Lease or the Solar Power Purchase Agreement.

YES! You can install solar with $0 out of pocket and get locked in at a low electric rate for 20 years! The State of Connecticut is wanting to solarize 10,000 homes every year so take advantage of this great program and reduce your electric bill NOW!

We build high quality solar installations for the lowest prices. After testing equipment for the best quality and results, we’ve put together a solar package that is the BEST IN THE INDUSTRY!

Finance your system through a State backed loan with great interest rates and terms. Ask us about how this option can suit your needs for improving your home.

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Install solar with $0 out of pocket - Pay a fixed rate for electricity!

What are the advantages of switching to solar energy?

Reducing greenhouse gases is the #1 advantage of solar. Now you can install a system with $0 out of pocket and lower your electric bill immediately after installation, saving you thousands!
Why choose BeFree Solar?

BeFree Solar is a locally owned and operated Connecticut based company, working ONLY IN CONNECTICUT! We are committed to serving our community and enable home owners to save money by producing their own power. We’ve installed hundreds of systems and have lots of happy customers who are saving money and the planet!
How will my electric bill change?

After the system is installed, your utility company will come and change the regular meter on your home to a NET METER, which tracks the energy coming in and going out to the grid. When your producing energy the daytime, the electricity not being used will be sold to the utility company in the form of credits. At nighttime when home using electricity and the system isn’t producing power, you’ll use the credits accumulated from the daytime. Credits are stored for up to one year, and are rolled over every month. In general, during the summer months you build extra credits because your system will be producing more energy than you’ll be using. In the winter you’ll use those credits when the days are shorter and more cloudy.
How do I start to SOLARIZE?

Call today to schedule a free home site visit where we can assess your roof and annual electric bill. After that we can provide you with a custom tailored quote for the installation. Installations typically take 3-4 months after signing which provides you plenty of time to address home improvements or tree removal.
   No sales tax on solar

   No house property tax increase on solar

   Up to $10k in state rebates per system

   Federal tax credit of 30%

   Towns may waive all permit fees

   Increase your home value

BOOST your home’s value

U.S Department of Energy’s Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory study found that solar homes with an average system size of 10kW sold for approximately $55,000 or $5,500/kW more than non-solar homes.